Last October ANOVOS revealed their replica Mandalorian helmet, and they have now put up a blog post detailing the process of creating the helmet in the US.

Last summer, we implemented a pilot project to bring several items back to the US for direct manufacturing oversight. This pilot program was developed in Texas, a business-friendly state with a strong, skilled labor force. We are not strangers to production, fiberglassing, thermoforming, and painting/finishing/weathering. Yet even though we know these processes well, it is one thing to oversee them being enacted by an overseas partner and another to roll up your sleeves and literally touch every product that exits your shipping dock.

In June 2019, that is exactly what we did, cutting our teeth on one original trilogy helmet and two prequel trilogy helmets for special projects. It took months to refine and streamline our process and there were many pitfalls along the way. However, despite these challenges and stumbling blocks, we felt confident enough to start our first brand new consumer product from our new manufacturing facility in Texas; The Mandalorian helmet!

The Mandalorian helmets seen on the popular Disney+ series were originally designed by Legacy Effects, the creators of such complex props as Iron Man’s costume, and Robocop. They are masters at metal-like finishes and the Mandalorian is no exception, which made recreating the piece as a wearable replica for our customers an interesting challenge.

Like Legacy’s original approach, we use a laborious multi-staged process to get the finish just right. One misstep along the way and a helmet must be completely stripped and painted again. We take a lot of pride in the result, but the true magic that ties the helmet together is the weathering.

Read more at the link below. Also, save 25% on in-stock items till April 10th 2020.

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