Call of Duty Mobile has continued to evolve and morph since it launched last year, and in its latest community update, the development team addressed free-for-all mode’s removal and took aim at cheaters who could ruin the experience for everyone else. The team’s policy is clear: If you cheat, you will be banned.

Writing in the game’s official Reddit community page, the development team said it has received several reports of cheating over the past few weeks and they have resulted in “enforcement.”

“We don’t want cheaters in our game, and we don’t want them ruining your experience, manipulating our systems, and destroying the balance of the game,” the team said. “If we see cheating we will enforce on it with our [Call of Duty Mobile] Security & Enforcement Policy in mind.”

This policy includes a tiered offense system, ranging from minor offenses that don’t cause harm to the game’s community or an individual player all the way to extreme offenses. These include both committing acts on one’s own or organizing others to do so.

For those caught using third-party software to mod or hack their game, the first offense will cause a temporary suspension. An additional offense will result in permanent suspension and removal from the leaderboards.

Call of Duty Mobile’s development team touched on several other topics in the Reddit post, including upcoming events and bug fixes. One of the biggest recent changes was free-for-all mode’s removal from the permanent playlist. It’s currently in the game again for a limited time, and it could potentially return as a permanent mode again if it has enough players. A multiplayer snipers-only event is currently running through April 22, as well, and Gun Game Team Fight will arrive the following day.

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