The Rainbow Six: Siege family is about to get a little bigger, with Flores joining the hero-based shooter as a brand-new attack operator. Flores will be added to Siege at the start of Year 6, Season 1: Crimson Heist. You can try the character for yourself on the PC test server on February 22.

In the video above, GameSpot video producer Jake Dekker and Game Informer video editor Alex Van Aken sit down to discuss their early impressions of Flores, as well as the other changes coming to Siege in Crimson Heist. The new season will also reimagine the Border map and add a brand-new secondary gadget, the Gonne-6.

As an attack operator, Flores is designed to aid his teammates in their assault on fortified defenders. His original gadgets are the RCE – Ratero Charges, drones that can be armed to explode. When used, Flores places a single RCE – Ratero Charge at his feet and a timer begins–once the timer expires, the drone becomes bullet-proof and lights its fuse, ultimately exploding. You don’t have to wait for the timer to expire though, Flores can arm his drone prior to time running out if you’ve already positioned the drone where you want it.

Developer Ubisoft Montreal has also teased what players can expect throughout Year 6. Season 2 will introduce a new operator and a complete rework to the Favela map, Season 3 will add multiple operators and do slight reworks to three existing maps, and Season 4 will add one more operator and a complete rework to the Outback map.

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