Xbox Game Pass subscribers will soon be able to access games from the EA Play catalog, and they’re now able to better prepare themselves for this influx. Games from EA Play can now be preloaded, and it looks like they’ll be available to play from November 10.

The Verge‘s Tom Warren has reported on Twitter that games from the EA Play list can now be preloaded. They won’t be playable for another week, but you can prepare yourself now for when all of these games are available.

We’ve checked and can verify that Battlefield V and other titles from EA Play can now be pre-installed by Game Pass subscribers who do not own these games.

EA Play contains over 70 games on Xbox–here’s the complete list. Its inclusion makes Game Pass even better value. This only applies to the console version of EA Play, though–the PC still requires a separate subscription.

It was previously announced that EA Play would be available to Game Pass subscribers in November, and that’s now coming to pass. Some other major games recently added to Game Pass include a trio of classic point-and-click adventures and the upcoming console release of Gears Tactics.

The Xbox Series X, which you’ll also be able to play all of these games on, launches November 10.

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